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Msi Neo2- Athlon64 3500 Good News

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I have been playing with my new sytstem to work out the bugs and i seem to be going in right direction.This is my rig


M/B -msi k8n neo2 plat nforce3 939 socket

Athlon64 3500 939 socket

Coolmaster ultra vortex processor fan

Corsiar Ram Twinx 1024-3200xl

Ati 9800 pro vid card

western digital 74 gig raptor

Enermax noisetaker 420 watt


My biggest problem was overclocking this monster(lol) or trying to figure out this dynamic overclock feature.I may sound like a noob that's cause iam,this is what i have for adjustments


high performance mode manual

aggressive timming enable

dynamic overclocking disable don't waste your time

ht frequency 1x this is the setting that killed me(overlooked)

I bumped volts up on cpu & agp just a bit


The killer ram i bought is loving the ocing,ram setting are

1t command

2.0 cas

trcd 2

trp 2

tras 5

2.80 volts


Will i need to adjust my ram setting the higher i oc,it's running smooth at 214fsb.With the Coolmaster ultra vortex processor fan this runs nice and cool 45 to 50 deg playing doom 3.I hope this will help someone out with a simmilar system.


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