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CPU Failed due to Overclocking.. A8V Deluxe TWINX 1GB 3200C2PT


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I'm having a problem getting my new system to boot up. I havnt ever gotten a video signal yet. Here's what's going on. A8V Deluxe (Bios 1008, newest to date), AMD 64 3500+ 90nanometer chip, and twinx 1gb set of ddr400. Each module sais CMX512-3200C2PT and XMS3202v3.1 400MHz CL2. When I have both sticks in there for dual channel, nothing will happen, nada, zip. Fans turn on, but nothing. When I have just one stick in there, I can get a post report of "CPU FAILED DUE TO OVERCLOCKING!" I have cleared the CMOS, took out the battery for a few minutes, everything I could to clear it. Called ASUS, they told me 80% Of the time it has to do with the memory modules not being supported. I had these modules running fine with my a7n8x deluxe. Anybody know what's up? Any ideas? The motherbaord is brand new, and so is the CPU. Should i be looking at the RAM as the cause, or something else... RAM GUY HELP ME OUT HERE!! Thanks so much.
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