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Bad CMX512-3200C2PT?


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I got this computer with two of these in it, and was having problems with it from the start. Lots of stability issues, games would crash like crazy, etc. etc.


I kept taking it to the shop that built it and they kept formatting it and telling me they saw no problems - soon as I got home the same crap started. Finally fed up with the shop I started mucking about with it myself (the only reason i didn't build the thing myself is that it was a gift). I mess with RAM timings and everything else and cannot get the issue solved. Finally I yank one stick out and keep having the same errors. So I put that one in and yank the other stick out - no problems whatsoever anymore (except I am running a 512 MB of RAM and that's killing me).


So I'm willing to listen to some suggestions.


Its an Abit IC7 motherboard, 2 sticks of Corsair memory, an old nVidia GeForce3 Ti crad that is just waiting for the AGP version of the 6600. Its P4 2.5 GHz with standard BIOS settings, I don't like mucking with my BIOS unless someone smarter than me is telling me what to do. So I guess the next step is wait for someone to tell me what needs to be done.


I should point out I tried to get them to replace the RAM and they refused to do so - even after I pointed out it was under lifetime warranty. Then when I returned to them with the RAM they told me I voided their warranty - which I assumed I was going to do, but honestly 4 months fo reformatting the same damn box indicates to me you run a bad business and don't know your product.


EDIT - RAM has XMS3202v2.2 on it, if that's important and I am sure it is.

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