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dual channel timings


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About six months ago I built a system, P4 3.0Ghz H/T, IC7 MAX3 and 1xVS512MB400 thinking that in the future when I'd finished paying off my credit card bill that I could buy another VS512MB400 and enjoy 1G dual channel, which is what I did.


The machine posted ok, I'm in dual mode and benchmarked ok, but every now and again I'd get a BSOD. This bothered me because before the installation of the second stick of VS512MB400 the machine was solid as a rock, so I tried switching to different slots, thats when I noticed that the first stick of RAM I'd bought six months ago was in fact VS512MB400C3. :eek:

(don't believe what it says on an invoice, always get your hands dusty and check). :evil:


So I'd like to know if there are any timings and votage I could try, to keep the machine stable in dual channel mode? It is set to SPD at the moment.


Thanks for your help

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There is a good chance that your older module is a non C3; I would check the timings with CPU-Z one module at a time to make sure. If they are the same part, then please also test them one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and let’s make sure one is not failing. If all that checks out please let me know the make and model of MB and the CPU speed and it's FSB and I will be happy to make some suggestions for bios settings that may solve this as long as both modules are the same and they test O.K. one up.
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Thanks RAM GUY,


CPU-Z says both modules are 2.5-3-3-8, voltage 2.55 as SPD and I'm in dual channel, memtest was O.K. on each module.


My CPU- P4 3Ghz FSB 800mhz with H/T enabled

MOBO- IC7 MAX3 and I'm not O/C


All latest Bios and drivers


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance



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