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3200XL and MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum


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I have 1024 TWINX pack of 3200XL memory that refuses to run anything higher than CAS 2. This is in a NEO2 platinum K8N motherboard. 2-2-2 runs fine, 2-3-3 runs fine, but 2.5-3-3 or 3-3-3 the system hangs on boot. I had some Hynix based memory in this system that I removed and replaced with this, and the system ran fine at 3-3-3.


Please help if you can, or let me know if an RMA is my only recourse.


Thank you,

John Rhea

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Yes, but it isn't going to make it to 250 fsb 1:1, which is what I need for my processor ;)


And these should make it there easily.


It runs 100% 2-2-2 up to about 215-220. 2-3-3 up to about 230. But refuses to even allow my machine to boot at CAS 2.5 or 3.


I have duplicated this with each stick individually as well as another A64 system. I have not tried it on an intel system or an Athlon XP based system.



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