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Matching memory chips


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Hi, I have this Corsair memory chip :





I purchased this two years ago and want to purchase a matching memory chip set. I believe the voltage on my chipset is v2.1 or is this the version #? Where can I find direct detailed information on this memory chipset like latency, voltage ect... I was not able to locate it in the corsair website. And I can not find a part number to a current memory chip that will match it. Can What current corsair chip set will match it and can I using them in a new board that I am purchasing Asus A8VD.



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I am sorry, but you would be best to try and find another use for this module and just get a Twinx set of modules if you want more memory. Otherwise, you will need to match the part# and revision of a new module. Or this module would be based on Winbond -6 Rev B IC's and if you can find a PC-2700 module using the same IC they might work together.
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