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CMX512-3200c2 v2.2 and v5.1


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I have a MSI Neo2 Platinum socket 939 board, BIOS rev 1.3 (latest)


I have 4 Sticks of CMX512-3200c2


Two of the sticks are v2.2 (purchased last year) the other 2 are v5.1 (recently purchased).


When I put a rev 2.2 stick and 5.1 stick in the board together they will NOT run at 200 Mhz(400 DDR), they only run at 166(333 DDR).


If I match versions they run at 200(400 DDR) just fine, I.E. only have the v5.1 sticks or the v2.2 sticks in there at any given time.


If I have all 4 in the board no mater if the versions are on the same matching channel or not, they will only run at 166 (333 DDR) with 2T timing.


Even if I relax all the the CAS timings they will not run at 200 Mhz(400 DDR) together. They will only go to 166 (333 DDR).


Any ideas?




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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, we only guarantee one set at the tested settings on any MB. Second with most MB's today, if you want to use more than one module they would all need to identical in part# and revision. Sorry!

In addition, In the user manual they do suggest you set the memory frequency at DDR333 with more than 2 double sided modules.

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