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My computer will freeze at the screen that says platnium. It is the first screen that comes up when booting.When I hit the reset button it will boot normal. It only happens a few times 2 time in 3 weeks.

I have run memtest on the memory. 23 passes and no errors. I have reinstalled drivers twice and installed windows xp 2 times.

What will cause the computer to freezes at this screen?

Will flashing the BIOS help or updating the drivers help?

Is it better to use the drivers from MSI website or NVIDIA website?


Thank you





MSI K8N Neo Platinum

AMD 64 3000

Sapphire 9550 256 MB

Corsair value select CAS2.5 512 x 2

SATA 200 gig seagate harddrive

400 watt thermaltake power supply

Windows xp media center

Plextor 712 DVD burner

sony floppy

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Find in the bios how to raise the RAM voltage and set it up to about 2.7v-2.8v. Also, I would use the Nvidia drivers since it is a Sapphire card, not MSI. And, the latest bios is a good idea. If you are OCIng, set everything back to stock speed while you update the bios.



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The memory voltage is set at 2.5.

how high can I raise the voltage without voiding the warrenty. Also wouldn't have memtest have errors if the voltage was to low




I just recently built a computer.


When I turn the computer on it stops at the MSI Platinum screen.

When I hit the reset button the computer reboots into windows. (Most of the times)

I am not over clocking.

I have loaded the defaults in the BIOS.

I have flashed the BIOS, updated all motherboard drivers, and video drivers.

I have run memtest 23 passes and no errors.

I have a thermaltake power supply 400 watts.

There are no beeps codes at post. The case didn't come with a speaker.

I have installed windows xp media center twice. both clean installs

Could this just be an unresolved Bios issue or a bad board?

The computer runs great except for the startup problem.

Any suggestion would be helpful.


12 volt rail = 12.14

3.3 volt = 3.26

5 volt = 5

vcore 1.5 = 1.48 - 1.52




cpu = 38 - 41c

case =21c

All the rails are within the limits.

CPU fan spinning at 3258


Here is a complete rundown of system specs


Thermaltake tsunami with 400-watt thermaltake power supply

K8N Neo Platinum MSI Motherboard

SAPHIRE9550 256MB catalyst 4.11

AMD 64 3000

DDR Corsair 512MB X 2 pc 3200 value select memory




Windows xp media center

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no I don't have a spare hd

I have made a few post at msi forums and other forums. Other then flashing the BIOS, which I already did there were no new ideas.

Afew few people said the had the same problem with different board and they rma them and they put new bios chips in.


If I disable the fast boot will that give me any error messages if the computer freezes

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Talked to MSI tech support they said to raise the AGP voltage from 1.5 to 1.6

He said there has been issues with cards like the 9600 and higher cards not getting enough voltage.

If this didn't help that I have to RMA the board

Has anyone had to raise the AGP voltage to get the card to run stable?

Is this just a compability issue, mainboard or agp card issue

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Got 2 myself with a 9800pro and x800pro without issue, msi has a bit of quality control issues now and then though.

I'm guessing that 1 difference with the 9550 cards and the 9800/x800 cards is that the 9800/x800 cards have a dedicated power lead via a molex connector. The 9550, if it is like mine, gets its power solely from the AGP slot.


It is not uncommon for raising the AGP voltage to be recommended. In addition to the card, the chipset benefits from this increase also. I'd give it a shot.


Mike .

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Prior to this i had a 9600xt in one, which had no dedicated power but worked without issue. The MSI board has had quite alot of ups and downs, overall its decent, but not without its quirks.

Yes, I have seen that myself based on forum feedback. Also, I like the idea of a dedicated lead on the video card. As much current as they are drawing these days I think it is best just not to ask the MOBO to supply 100% of the power.



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