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Bad CMX512-4000 1 of Twinx1024 pair


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http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30994 is my old thread on this.


I had thought I'd isolated to a heat issue with the processor but I've changed my cooler and it's been the same.


I've tried another known good cpu - same crash.

I've tried both modules in dual and single channel mode - fails to complete prime95 successfully (fails in ~5 minutes slightly longer in single mode)

Both modules at 166 Mhz (timings by SPD) - stable no fails in prime95

Individually - DIMM A (prime 95 stable), DIMM B (prime 95 unstable) (DIMM B in same slot as DIMM A is stable)


Thanks for your help so far if you have any other questions just ask.

If you reckon I've isolated it can you authorise my RMA?

I have one other question as an Irish customer I'll be sending it to Fremont CA will you be sending my DIMM back via USPS or a courier only in the EU USPS charge us for receiving parcels.

I bought my RAM from Komplett on the 28/04/04 they're not listed on your website any more so can you organise an RMA or do I have to contact them?




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