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XMS3500 and ASUS K8V-X with 3.2 Ath 64


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Hi :biggrin:


I have just purchased some XMS3500 part number CMX512-2500C2PT for my new system. Then I saw the http://www.asktheramguy.com link on the box and decided to read up some on the RAM.


I went to the "Let the Ram Guy Recommend the Right Module for Your System" page


But I couldn't find any XMS3500 listed. Few Questions about this:


1. Why is it not listed ? , or am I looking in the wrong place(sorry if I am, doh!)


2. Will it work with the ASUS K8V-X Mobo and a 3.2 Ath 64 CPU.


3. If it does what should the settings be ?.


4.Does overclocking memory effect the stability of the GFX card AGP Apature size?.


Many thanks


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