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This is going to be my third major build. The first was a water cooled AMD powered machine in a 750D with a black and red theme. My second build carried the same theme of black and red into a 900D powered by a 4770k.


Being my third build I wanted to pull out all the stops on this build. The build be a custom desk build. I love the crossdesk but the price and availability prevented me from going that route. So I decided that I would build the desk from scratch. Being in the military I decided I wanted to do a military theme build but not one with ACU or Multi-Cam pattern but one that was more focused on the special operations side of the house. Me personally am not in that community but I have a lot of respect for those that are.



- Intel i7 4770k

- Asus maximums VI formula

- Evga GTX 780 classified

- 16gb G.Skill 2133mhz ram

- Corsair AX760

- 2x Intel 120gb ssds

- Seagate 500gb hard drive

- Windows 8.1



- 14x Corsair SP120 quite edition

- 6x Corsair AF120 quite edition

- EK GTX 780 Classified water block

- EK Supremacy CPU water block

- 2x Swiftech MC655 pumps

- 2x XSPC EX480 radiators

- 2x XSPC EX360 radiators

- Rocket Science Fittings

- Copper piping

- 2x Reservoirs (undecided on size yet)

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The first set of hand drawn dimensions






The black rectangle in the middle is the corsair extended mouse pad. When I started thinking about this build I want to use it and I didn't want anything to be hidden by it. I have since changed my mind and I am not sure if I am going to even use that anymore. These are just rough ideas before I head over to the computer and start creating 3d models.

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I am really sad to say that I have to put this project on hold. I just found out that I am moving from NC to TX and have to be there by the end of the month. I will start work on the 3d model if I have any down time but besides that no real work will start till I get settled in down there
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