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Repeated key press macro not working as intended K95 RGB


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Hello there!


I am typing this on my new K95 RGB with MX blue switches, and so far my feelings are mixed. The keyboard itself is beautiful, and the lighting works flawlessly etc. I am, however, experiencing the following problem:


I have a simple macro setup that I use for my one, two, and three keys (the ones above the "W", not the numpad ones) that macros pressing "1" down, waiting 1ms, and then letting go of "1", repeating every 1 ms while the button is pressed down. Same for 2 and 3 with their respective numbers. This allows me to not have to mash buttons during WoW sessions, it allows me to just press the number buttons down and hold them down.


I find that on this new keyboard, when I activate those macros and assign them to my number keys, something is wrong with the rate of speed that these numbers are actually sent to the system. For example, this is a sample size of what your keyboard is sending out when I hold down one for approximately one second of time:



Here is a sample size of the same thing when utilizing my old Black widow Ultimate keyboard with the same macro (actually the black widow one is set to 4ms delay):



As you can see, big difference. Additionally, after further testing, it seems as though if I hold the one key down but then press and release another key a few times, then the macro takes off in speed dramatically. For example, if I hold one and while holding one, press and release the "two" button four or five times, while doing this the speed at which the "1"'s appear hastens DRAMATICALLY. Here is a two second example of this:



in that example, the One generation rate is significantly slow until I start rapidly cycling the two button after I do that four or five times the one generation starts to go faster and faster.


I don't know if there is anything that can be done about this but I feel like the macros are not currently working as intended, unless I am doing something wrong. Any advice, or alternatively, questions about my macro setup or execution, please let me know. I really want to like this keyboard but if it can't put out macros the way they are configured then I'm probably going to have to return this and it is by far the most eye catching keyboard I have ever laid eyes upon. Any assistance is appreciated.


-Aero out.

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Aerosmith, can you tell me exactly how you setup the macro? I tested it as "press 1 down, pause for 1ms, release 1 up"


Itll depend on what you chose as macro termination. I recommend "queue next macro while execute" and then for action repeat, "while pressed."


You should see 11111111111111 come up much quicker.




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