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Gigabyte K8NSXP-939 and XMS4400 Compatibility


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Hi everyone,


OK here is the scoop I have a AMD64 FX53-939 CPU, Gigabyte K8NSXP-939 mobo, 2x512 Corsair XMS4400 DDR550 TwinX RAM, ATI Radeon x800 PRo, 380watt PSU. Now my system is unstable when i use both RAM sticks (SLot1 and 2) especially with gaming. It is somehow stable with 1 RAm stick on slot 1. I have exchanged both sticks in each slot and they both work fine as long as i am only using 1 RAM stick. My mobo is set at 200mhz clock frequency. Now i am frustrated cause i cant use both ram sticks. Is there a known compatibility issues between my RAM and Mobo if so how do i fix this.

Thanks the frustrated one.

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I would agree with Mike. It's not so much the peak of the PSU as it is the ability to produce clean power consistently at 250-350 Watts with these systems. And I would suggest at least 430 Watts with your Config. and something like PC Power and Cooling or Ennermax would be a better choice.
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Ok hope i am answering ur bios setting right here. If not please tell me other things i need to look for. I have not changed any settings on my Bios for my CPU and memory


Core SPeed-2411

Bus Speed-200

Multiplier 12.0

Normal CPU Vcore 1.5V

AGP over clock-66



set at 3.0-4-4-7 (i guess this was the default i have not changed anything yet)

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