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Corsair problems. Need RMA.


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My computer:


AMD Athlon XP 2600+ ( Non-Barton )

Asus A7N8x-Deluxe

GeForce 5900XT


I purchased a CMX512-3200C2PT about a year ago and it started up at 2-2-2-6 timings from the start. But about two months later I purchased another stick, installed it and I saw no difference in performance of any kind, but thought nothing of it. Since then I sold the older module. My problem is my new stick of ram cant even touch the older modules performance. I have updated my bios, done everything. it seems to get to 2.5-3-3-7, but any faster than that, and the computer wont boot, not even post. I have tried it in and Intel platform, and it boots, but it gets the blue screen of death. Since trying to get it to work, my computer took a crap and died on me. I have never tried memtest, but there is an obvious problem.


I dont know if its just me but I've tried to fill out an RMA form but I cant figure out what the Ticket#/PostID# is...


Also I called the Corsiar technical service about the Ticket# problem but they started asking me questions about my RAM module. They ended up telling my it was my fault that the stick was crashing both AMD and Intel platforms. So here I am. All I am asking for is to send it in to you, and have you test it for me, and maybe a replacement.


Thank you for your time.

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Is that so... no one will buy the newer stick because it wont run as fast as its supposed to and crashes, but oh well. Thats why we have big fat stacks of cash lying around right?


Also, Corsair told me I wasnt running the module at the right timings, but no matter how slow I set the timings, it still crashed both platforms. I think Im just going to junk it.


If you want me to send it in... you STILL going to have to help me with the Ticket#/PostID# problem im having. Thank you

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First off, Ram Guy is the one who can approve an RMA, which won't be until Monday (next business day). As for post IDs, they're at the top of each post. Assuming your RMA is approved (highly probable), then you would use Post ID# 153034.
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