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Why SIV can report my H100i temp and CorsairLink can't?


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Dear Corsair,


Why the programm called SIV




can report my H100i temp and Corsair Link cant?


Before running SIV on a Windows 8.1 System i closed Corsair Link!


CorsairLink Version: 2.7.5361

Firmware: 1.07


SIV64X found that CorsairLink.exe is running and as it fails to use a Mutex to interlock access to the Corsair Link

hardware SIV64X cannot report it. Both SIV64X and Corsair Link Plus Plus use the Global\Access_CorsairLink Mutex

and can be safely active at the same time.


Please implement support for this Mutex.



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This is a pretty serious problem and Corsair needs to fix this ASAP as in today's world you cannot assume that there will only be one user/app quering the status of the HW.


Additionally, I'd like to say that I'm a bit disappointed with Corsair Link. The Corsair HW receives such great reviews but the Corsair Link SW is very much lacking and in need of "great repair". I had such high hopes and just recently purchased my first Corsair products, H100i and HX850i, solely based on the fact they included a management interface for controlling and monitoring the HW. Though after only using Corsair Link for ~4 hours, I'm very much disappointed in it's lack of functionality and quality.


I strongly believe Corsair needs to revisit their Corsair Link SW from a professional perspective as customers deserve much, much more from Corsair!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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