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Raw File Read error issue Corsair SSD


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Hi! Im new to this forum and the thread might be up somewhere. But cant find search.

Couple of months ago I did send my almost year old SSD with and Warranty claim. Cause got above 100 Read errors and started getting problems. Do Corsair drives only handle 100 errors? Cause that is what Corsair Toolbox is showing the threshold is even over that 100 mark. And now its starting again with blu screens now and then and freezing the system. Both the old system disc and new one that even starting to die even faster for me are F60 and checked my gaming disk Force 3 120GB and have also exceeded the 100 error mark.

Is this normal life length for corsair SSD's? I read an article that Samsung drives can live 10 years reading and writing continuesly.

Do i have a system problem or is corsair SSD not worth buying?

And sure I could you a warranty thing again, but last one i had to pay shipment to Corsair that almost had the same cost as the disk so that was useless too.


In need of support if someone recognize this problem and how to deal with it? Cause I have regular disks that are almost 10 years old that still runs fine...

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