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What am I doing wrong???


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Hi people!


Ok go easy on me, its my 1st post :biggrin:


ok here is my problem currently I have an MSI k8n neo 2 with 2*256 of Corsair xms3200 c2pt, now today I purchased a 512 xms3200 c2pt mb stick thinking it would go straight in with no problems at all.......guess what I was so wrong!!!!!!!!!


With all three modules in it refuses to boot, I have tried the memory modules in all available slots to no avail........So here I am requesting your help....



Also before I go, the 512 mb stick is version 4.2 and the 256's are version 3.1 does this make a difference?.......what are the differences???


thanks in advance.



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The revision difference may cause a problem. Have you tried running JUST the 512 MB by itself?




2 S and 1 D isn't on their recommended configuration list.


DO NOT install three memory modules on three DIMMs, or it may cause some failure.

Always insert the memory modules into the GREEN slots first, and it is strongly recommended not to insert the memory modules into the PURPLE slots while the GREEN slots are left empty.

This mainboard DO NOT support the memory module installed with more than 18 pieces of IC (integrated circuit).

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