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I have a pair of twinx 3200 c2 from corsair and just recently they are starting to get memory errors (ie memtest errors) everything is stock on them i was wondering if you can give me a ticket number so i can start the rma process


steps i have taken to determine it needs RMA

has generated many errors in Memtest on my computer (on all slots) the mobo is epox 8rda+

Also generates errors in my friends computer as well he has MSI Neo 2 Platinum


So i think the ram is pooched anyways


Thank you again



It's only one stick that is bad the other stick of 512 can do memtest all night without generating any errors do i need to send the full pack in (since it is twinx) + This is Windbond bh6 ....... if i send it in i am pretty sure i won't be getting the bh6 lovin :( also everything is at stock right now :( this really sucks :'( i am crying that is my crying face

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