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H80i bricked


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Hi Community!


I recently tried to update my firmware on my h80i by using the official version. It gave me a positive message in the CorsairLink software, but ultimately bricked my H80i.


I am guessing that I can't do anything about it and have to do a warrant claim. Or might there be something I can do?


The fans are spinning, but it is unrecognizable by the computer and the LED is not working. :eek:


Best regards

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The image does not show but I managed to see it my looking at http://i.imgur.com/i5N8g1S.png. The H80i is not reported by Windows so there is a HW issue. There needs to be a Corsair Integrated USB Bridge reported it it was as on the [uSB Bus] page on http://rh-software.com/.


This "Corsair Integrated USB Bridge" cannot be detected. I cannot find when I look at the USB devices. What do you suggest I try?


Thank you very much for your time and help!

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