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k95 rgb gkey issue.


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Hello. For 1 week I have been reading all over net and here to find an answer to this issue. I set the G keys up for ESO (a mmo) and set them up as movement keys and combat keys. So I used default 2 as the eso set up, and set the lower g keys and tested them out. One of them was set to the H key. So I would test it on something off game like a browser, and nothing. I did each key this way.


All the lighting settings I did worked perfectly, green for movement, red for combat and yellow for utilities. And when I close the software (but keep it running in task) the lights are all good but the keys do nothing. I found a few ways here that talked about it but what they said was in profiles you have to save to k95 and check a box labeled activate something, and these things don't exist in my software.

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