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Got this product today.

Severely disappointed.

Nice design,look, build and feel to the board.

Has some prison tattoo logo on it?

I don't get why I have a case badge and logos on all my other Corsair components that all match then this abomination on my keyboard?

The software does not work in the slightest.

It's slow, unresponsive and freezes.

Keeps on asking me to update even though I have several times!

Can't use it to configure any profiles or any of the features.

Under the device tab there is no firmware information and it actually says malfunction!

This is a gaming keyboard?


Since plugging this board in and installing the firmware the game I play at the moment freezes and crashes, which it has never done before!

The game takes alot longer to load.

Also inexplicable my PC takes longer to boot up!

I have a few Corsair bits that are great this board is just a great letdown since I have been looking forward to it's release!

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I have the same issues your not alone. It seems to be going around.


I have not gotten anything I would come close to considering a satisfying answer about any of it either.


Supposedly they are aware of the issue or so I've heard. If you dig through this forum you can clearly see others are having the same issues with it.


This is the worst experience I've ever had with any of their hardware to date which is quite a let down considering the better majority of my computer has corsair parts in it. :(

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