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Just something i made a while ago and have been hanging on too.


Samus on the left, and a Metroid on the right being blasted at.


If anyone wants to make a vid for me, be my guest. Let me know what you think.


Nice! The timing is a little out on the explosion and the gun, but nice work man. :greengrin

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Am I doing something wrong in this case? Im importing the metroid profile but am only getting the 3 default lightings that come with the keyboard....


What am I missing?



EDIT: Never mind, this is a K70 profile, I have a K95


Think i might be able to port that over for ya

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Hello again,


I realize its been a few months but I've finally had some time to play with things and do some learning and I remembered this theme so I came back to it and did a little retouching. Here are the results! Let me know if I need to yank anything down. Full credit to Ley3198 for the idea.




Metroid K95.prf

Metroid K70.prf

Metroid K65.prf

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