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HX750 and 400r not compatible?


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Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this but i am new here. I am just trying to finish putting my build together.. So i got all of my stuff yesterday, it finally came in. I have had my Corsair Carbide 400r for a couple months now. Brand new in the box and decided to finally finish my build. Well i ordered the Corsair HX 750 PSU for it, because i was thinking it would be a great PSU. Well i went to install it and noticed the holes for the PSU and the case do not line up... Which quite frankly ticks me off because i was going to get it ready for tomorrow.. Anyways, is there anyway i could get an adapter plate for the PSU to the case or something? i really dont feel like spending another $160 on a new PSU. Any ideas or knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Thank You



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Your HX750 PSU is 150mm x 86mm x 200mm


Attached is a picture from a 400R case build from Corsair

with an HX1050 that is the same size (150mm x 86mm x 200mm).


And here is a YouTube 400R build with an AX750 PSU you should watch.



So,,,,,,, Unless the case or PSU had been knocked somehow out of line, I constructively suggest you back up, take a break, study your issue with a different light, and look for more YouTube builds on line and study your case and PSU devices and literature more. Or as I say, try, try and try again, then try the Corsair Forum, or give up immediately and chat or call Corsair Technical Support, who have always helped me.


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