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K95 RGB = Status : Malfunction


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Using USB 2.0 with both cords.


The bios updated when first installed. Even though it did not seem to make any noticeable change.


Having all sorts of issues with the Corsair Utility Engine.


It does not want to allow me to change the settings on the profiles. For the most part the software does not work. It seems like it only works for a short period and then no changes seem to have any effect. ( I learned from the forums here that periodically you have to pull the cables to get the CUE to work again. )


This is the only thing that gives me even a small degree of control and only for a short time.


*** EDIT ****


I rearranged cables on the back of my mobo and it USB 3.0 wont work at all / can't even get the keyboard to type. I only have partial luck with USB 2.0 and really that's bare minimum.


Any recommendations to fix the issue???

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