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H100i Excessive Vibration!


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So, I'm on my second unit, which makes the same loud buzz/hum noise as my original unit.


I finally figured it out, and the problem is excessive vibration. I currently have the H100i working outside the case, placed on the foam that came on the package, and I can barely hear it. Makes a little noise, but it's all good.


However, if I place it on the ground or mount it on the socket, I hear that loud buzz/hum, which is actually the pump vibrating.


Imagine having on your quiet bedroom something constantly vibrating on the ground, like your phone. Not as loud, but just as annoying.


So, did I got two bad units, or should I go for a refund instead?

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It sounds like it's not tightened up properly. Is the back plate on the right way up (notches to the top)? Is the backplate loose? When you install the pump housing, do you do it up finger tight or give it a half turn with a screwdriver? Have you checked that it's not sitting on/touching any motherboard components?


If all of these are ok then yes, you probably did get 2 faulty ones.

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