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K95 RBG - Not reacting to changes in software.


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Hey Team,

I just opened my K95 and got everything hooked up. I installed the software and then updated the firmware as directed. I am still unable to change any of the profiles. As a test, I went in and modified the default profile lighting and none of the changes would roll out to the keyboard.


I even walked through the demo in the manual with 0 luck.


As a second test, I created my own profile. I could not even delete the 3 modes in the profile to create my own. Delete is present, it is just greyed out.


Looked through the forums and did not see anything quite like this. Any ideas as to what is going on here?


Addition: Upon installing the software, when it gets to installing the 2nd driver it crashes my system unless I unplug my CDROM drive....wtf?


Windows 8.1 x64

Firmware: 1.12

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The 3 modes cannot be deleted since they are tied to the on board memory settings.


I had some similar issues when I first plugged mine in. I originally used the 1 USB 3 port. When I switched to USB 2 ports my issues went away. I also refreshed the bios after hooking up it up to the USB 2 ports since I was not sure if the update was successful under USB 3.


While the keyboard is great, the plug and play experience is not ideal initially for some, including myself.

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