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Can anyone mimic this RGB profile?


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I have a similar question as OP.


In the vid in my post, the person who uploaded the vid has been able to add some sort of function on the mute button. When it is activated, it flashes. Gets back to normal mode when pressed again.


I really would like to know how it is done, I'd like that mixed up with my megarainbow profile (WITH HUGE THANKS TO THE AUTHOR for that awesome profile).



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First - is that guy using different keycaps? Because mine are not that large when it comes to lettering.


2, I think you can just go to the CUE and right click on mute and right click to edit lighting. Then you can put a flash in.


I do something similar where I make the caps lock key stay a different color when pressed, and change back to normal on release.


for example, here is how I just did that flashing for my chrome profile:



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Knowing those are standard MX keycaps, you can use any type if you wish to.

But indeed, his lettering is different from what I see on my unmodded keyboard.


On another note: Thanks for the explanation! Finally have my win lock and my mute button flashing if triggered. That way, attention is easily caught. ;):

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