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Need help with M90


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Okay so hi there and I hope some of you can help me.


I have had the M90 for around a year, recently I got a new computer. Didn't have any problems to begin with because I wasn't really using the mouse for gaming, however I have just gone back to playing World of Warcraft and I am having an impossible time trying to set up the extra buttons on the mouse.


I understand you need to set the buttons up via the memory reading thingy to corresponding keyboard buttons. I have used number 1-8, F1 etc. but none of these work. The game simply forgets them right after I have "key binded" in game. Also the normal DPI up/down buttons, I have changed to profile up/down but it wont change. I have even deleted Profile 1, and only have my WoW profile, saved to the M90, all buttons saved as numberpad keys, hardware playback enabled - but still it does not work.


The amount of hatred I have for this mouse and this company right now is unfathomable. I cannot understand how it used to work perfectly fine and now it will not. Horrible software that I could not even find to begin with! I thought I had lost the disc, but after downloading firmware for like 3 days, I finally stumbled upon the correct program.


TL;DR - How on earth do you get this terrible mouse/awful software to work?

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