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H100i not detected in Win8


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Hello, im having some issues with the H100i


Its brand new and installed today.


Problems start with fan detection. It doesnt and the BIOS gives warning and requests from me to fix it.


I disable the fan check and proceed with boot.


Installed the newest software but there is no hydro device in the list.

Furthermore, i cannot use the 3 stages through the Link software, since it does nothing whatever option i select (e.x. silent - performance).


I connected the cpu cable outlet to either CPU fan#1 or or CPU fan#2, probably on #1.


Usb cable is connected on motherboard.


Not sure if im forgetting something, please advice.


Thanx in advance.

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Problem solved.


I installed both softwares, rebooted and reinstalled.

I also did unplug the usb connection while the system was clean of hydro software and replugged in when Windows booted in - dont know if it helped any.


I can see the fans now, pump temperature and adjust the lights - cool!



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