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H60 Pumpe rattert und CPU wird heiß


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Hallo Corsair-Gemeinde,


ich habe ein Problem mit der im Juni 2014 über Amazon gekauften H60.

Seit gestern wird die CPU sehr heiß (80°) und aus der Pumpe kommen Rattergeräusche. Also vermute ich, daß die Pumpe eine Macke hat.

Ausserdem scheint auch noch Flüssigkeit ausgetreten zu sein (siehe Bild).

Normal ist das nicht, oder?

Falls doch, schade, denn ich war mit Produkten von Corsair bisher eigentlich immer sehr zufrieden.

Ein Ticket habe ich schon aufgemacht, und die "RMA approved"-Email auch schon erhalten. Bis (oder: wenn) Ersatz kommt, muß eben der Boxed-Kühler auf meinem FX-8350 vor sich hin lärmen...


Was meint Ihr dazu?


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Aww sorry,


I did not know, that I have to write in english here! I came in here from the german section, posted my problem and thought it will show up in the german section also. Welcome to the internet, dude.

Okay, lets type it again: I bought an H60 in june and yesterday i experienced high CPU temps and have heard a rattling noise from the pump. Like a tiny rattlesnake hidden in my PC :)

Changed back to the genuine AMD-cooler and inspected the H60. And it seems also as there has been a leak? (see attached pic)

Anyway - that should not be normal working condition.

So I just filed a ticket, and got RMA - mail already.


But - what do you think? Is there a problem with corsair quality at all?


p.s. Apologize my english - usually i am speaking german ;)

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Thank you for your quick reply :)

As I thought and as you said, the pump should not do this. So I will wait for the replacement. How long will it take, what do you think? 4 weeks plus? I have absolutely no experience with RMAs, because I never ever had to do one. BTW - what do you think about the picture I took? Leak or just a stain?

Well, I was always satisfied with Corsair products. The fact that just one of my favorite brands failed, well, that scares me a little bit. But probably it was just bad luck....



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It looks like a small leak to me so RMA was worth it. I'm not sure how long until you will receive a replacement it all depends on where it is going. Corsair customer service may be best to get an eta from.


Sometimes things fail with computer parts, I would not worry about it however, Corsair has a really great RMA procedure and that makes them totally worth sticking with.

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