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900D and airflow again


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Just received my new 900d for new rig. Right now considering few options for ventialtiona nd could use some advice.

In new rig tehre will be:

x99-e ws, 5960x, 32GB ram g.skill ripjaw, 1 ssd and 4 titans reference coolers, ax1500i psu.


idea is to cool CPU with h100i right now, and waiting for evga hydrocooper editions of newer 980 or titan 2 later on to consider separate custom loop for GPUs only. For now these will be simply air cooled, room is nicely air conditioned with around 23 degrees C.


i do plan to replace front intake fans with noctua nf-f12 pwn a bit later for now will stay stock ones,

and hdd bay in front of middle fan is removed.

back exhaust fan will also be replaced with noctua nf-a14 pwn,

and replacing 2 stock fans on h100i with nf-f12 pwn as well as adding 3rd one beside radiator, and considering 4th but not sure how much effect will it have.

I do have to have fans on top of radiators, in case they pul in air and push over radiator from outside in I can easily clean filters on top, and in case of pulling air from inside over radiator and pushing out it is a bit easier to clean lower side of radiator from some dust if it goes into after all other case filters.

So far I haev 3 versions and considering which one would be best.

Also to point rig will be used for both gaming and GPU 3d rendering so most of heat will come from GPUs, not much from CPU but still fair amount.


Thanks for any tips and tricks, comments and crits







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