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Performance 3 Series P3-256 SSD Dead?


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Hi there


I someone would be so kind as to give me some assistance I'd much appreciate it.


I have had the above drive without any problems until last week. A few programs I tried loading were started to come up with an ntdll.dll error. I rebooted then got the BSOD stating a wimFsF.sys error and the system freezes.


Luckily I back up my system regularly so have an image of the drive around a week before it died so I thought I would format the drive and re-install windows. I managed to clean the drive but now I am unable to set a partition or put windows back onto it.


The drive is recognised in BIOS and in the corsair toolbox but unfortunately I just can't do anything with it. I have tried to do a secure format and I get a cylindrical error message come up. When I try to re-install windows there is no drive listed and on a rare occasion it found it another error came up with the install and it gave up.


The toolbox states the flash is up to date so really have no idea what to try next. I'm guessing there is damage sectors/blocks which is stopping it from doing what I ask.


Is the drive dead or is there a way I can get to put windows again?


Any help will be great.


Many thanks

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The SSD is probably dead.


You can try a different SATA data port and cable and see if that helps.


If you can find the invoice date and it's still under three years from purchase date, request an RMA to replace the drive. Make sure you upload a picture of the invoice as proof of purchase.

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Thanks Toasted, appreciate your response.


Unfortunately my SSD is out of warranty but what I am more annoyed about is that corsair have never given a new driver for this SSD so there was no way of keeping up with new technology standards so it was bound to die. Having paid £500 for this SSD I won't be purchasing another product from Corsair.

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