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xms4000pro Compatibility Questions.


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Hello guys!


First things first, this forums is great!


as is RAM GUY and many of you other regulars here :)


I been using this forum as a refrence for a long long time now, but this is my first post.


I usually figure out 100% of all my questions issues the old fashion way, looking it up and or testing it myself.


But I have been getting lazy latly in my old age ;P


hehe ok on to my couple questions..



I had a single 512mb stick of xms4000pro V 1.2 for a long time now in my wifes computer (athlon 64 3200 /Chaintech vnf3).


well after looking around to upgrade her to 1gig of ram I found it was most cost effective to just get another stick of 512mb xms 4000pro.


when I recieved the memory I noticed it was version 3.1


they are both 3-4-4-8 but will these stick work together happly or can I run into problems later on?


now for my second question:


my system is a DFI nf3-250 ut with a A64 3400+ O.C. to 2500mhz it has been 100% stable for months at 228x11, and memory @378mhz 2-2-2-5

the memory is xms3200LL v1.1


now I tried to run the 2 4000pro and only way I could get 1:1 to pass memtest was by changing the T1 command to *Disabled*T2 and i havent played with the timings yet.


it then passed memtest86 2 full loops at "auto timings" 3-4-4-8 but its pretty slow and the memory is only at 454mhz:/


I am testing presently @250x10 memory 1:1 memory is 500mhz T2 "auto timings" and have passed 2 loops of memtest86 as I type.


what would be the most important settings in the bios Timings to get me started on speeding it up? or in other words whats a good starting point?

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Welcome to the world of posting, OneFastPC!


The XMS4000 1.1 and 3.1 should run together, but might not get to full 250MHz together, especially if you don't give them a full 2.8 volts on the VDimm.


As for trying to speed up the XMS4000's, don't expect them to run CAS 2.5 or CAS 2, even if you're running them slower than 250MHz (DDR500), the IC's just don't run it very well.


And like I said above, make sure to give them 2.8 or 2.9 volts and see if that helps... I know 3-4-4-8 is kind of slow, but that's what you pay for the speed!


Try the higher voltage and see if that helps you get back to T1!




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