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New build - what settings and will it work?


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Hey -


I am attempting my 2nd build, and was curious what settings I should use for the following system. At this point, I will not be overclocking. In the future, I will need to replace the PS and RAM if I overclock. Or will the ram work with the motherboard?



AMD 64 |3500+ ATHLON 64 939P RT






DDRAM512MB|CORSAR64X64 VS512MB400 R (x2)



200GB| SEAGATE 7200 ST3200822A



SP|480W(P4)W0014 (BK) TT RTL (thermaltake 480 watt, 18 amps over the rail .... kinda weak)



Thermaltake 5000a


Thanks for the help!



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First off -


Let me say I have never been more impressed by the help on this board; it makes me want to buy only corsair ram in the future.


Here is my question: when the system uses top performance (doom3, etc) it crashes after a few minutes on the default settings of everything. It is not the temp, as I have several probes on the heat sink and it isn't gettign too hot -- coupled by the fact that I have 5 fans in the box.


So I think I have limited it down to 2 things:


(1) The value ram just doesnt sit well with my machine. When I tried to put the voltage up to 2.7 (up from 2.65) on the ram the computer kept beeping at me.


(2) My power source only carries 18amps over the 12 volt rail. Its a 480 watt system, but maybe it is not enough?


I will run out to replace one of those pieces today and wanted to know which one you guys thought I should replace. And if so, any recommendations on what I should replace with ?





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Well I would suggest a bit more testing before you replace anything. But I would test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org and let’s make sure one is not failing. If you find one is failing then let's try replacing the module first. If you test them both and get no errors, then I would check the configuration of your system. And please check that you have the latest bios installed. I would also try the modules in slots 3-4 as that has solved some issue. You can also check the error message #'s at http://www.microsoft.com/TechNet as that might help you diagnose the problem as well.
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This is not my day.


I transferred over my floppy disk from my old machine to the new one, and now that is not working.


Is there anyway to run memtest via a CD, or can it only be run in floppy drive? When I tried to make install for drive D, it said I could only do it as drive A or B.


Heh - would be silly to go buy a floppy only to test to see if the memory works. Any ideas?



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So I pulled the RAM from my old machine (333mhz) and it also crashed. Do you guys think this is a:


(1) RAM

(2) Motherboard

(3) Powersupply problem?


It isnt heat - as the CPU doesnt get hot when it crashes. It just crashes when it goes into graphic intensive games.



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