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M95 Problem


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Hey folks,


This is my first post, so if I screwed something up, I'm terrible sorry!


My problem:

1. I'm in-game holding down one of the side buttons AND right click at the same time.

2. A spell continuously casts (side button) and I can look around (right click).

3. When I release the side button, the spell stops casting (which is good), but the right click also stops.


So when ever I cycle through my ability bar in-game, I have to manually right click every single time. So every time I cast an ability I lose control of my vision, because right click is no longer pressed (even though it is physically pressed).


Is there any way to fix this? I would love to keep right click pressed down in-game while casting several abilities in a row.


Please help me, I just spent a lot of money on this mouse and I really like it.


Thanks guys.

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