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[Q] 750D w/ H110, and using 3rd top fan


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I'm still in the process of doing research for a new PC, but it's a definite that I want to go with the Corsair 750D and the H110 water-cooler.


For people that have either used this combination before or know enough about it: Is the other 3rd 120mm slot for a fan on the top of the rig still accessible with this case/cooler setup? I haven't been able to find this answer anywhere in my own research.


This is my first post, but I'm looking forward to contributing to these forums.

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I have a 750D with a H110 in the top. It uses 140mm fans obviously and I have room for a third 140mm fan in the top. (this fan sits right above the 5.25 bays). In my case I have my hdd's in the 5.25 bays using brackets and this third fan cools them.




As you can see the 140mm holes line up but if you want to add a 120mm fan next to the 2x 140mm then no it wont work the left holes are just blocked.


140mm fans are better anyways.

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