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Corsair Grpahite 760T with MB Asus V Formula-Z


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I have a tower Corsair Graphite 760T Black Edition with a Corsair power supply AT860. The motherboard I have is a Asus V Formula-Z.


I have noticed that tha case has 4 Inputs that come from the chassis fans and the front panel (I guess...):




The motherboard has many of 3-pins power inputs to connect the fans:




As you can see in the pictures I can't connect these connectors beetwen them. I would like to have the front panel fans speed available so...


.- Can I connect the tower inpunts directly to the power supply and use the fan speed button of tha case?


.- I would like to have the fans connected to the mainboard to have more info about the (basically rpm control). Has corsair som kind of adaptor to connect them or should I look for asus?


Thanks for you help ;)

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