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CX500M & a sleeping video card


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After reading the compatibility problem with Haswell and Corsair power supplies, I was wondering if there were problems with CX500M and video cards. I don't understand power supplies enough to troubleshoot my problem.


I have a XFX Radeon R7 260x. The card seems to fall asleep while when the computer has been left alone for a hour or two. The computer sounds like it is running, but the display blanks out. I also noticed the fans on the card stop. I have to shut down the computer and restart it. The card works fine then. I have the Windows set to high performance, but still not help.


I did find a work around that seems to work. I went ahead and set the computer to sleep after 15 min. The computer and card will come out of sleep mode running fine.


I tried the card in another computer and it works just fine. I tried a different card in my computer and it works fine too.


Any ideas or direction to go?



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