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H80i + 3770k High temps in idle


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Hello everyone,


This is my first post on corsair forums and i am kinda new to this, so excuse my mistakes and language :)


As the title says, i am having some problems with my temps.


Last Xmass my brother got me an H80i and I installed it on my I7 3770k. For the past months it worked perfectly with the CPU OC at 4.4Mhz. Few days ago after a 3 days of non use of my PC, i booted up my PC and suddently Core temp and Corsair Link showed me really high temperatures in idle, around 55-65C. I started gaming a little bit and the temperature went up 90-95 degrees (Celsius). I immediately turned off my computer and start working on it.


After reading many articles of same type of problem, i tried all solutions i could find on the internet,i reinstalled H80i from scratch and applied all the things i've read on the web 1 by 1 and nothing worked.


I have an Asrock Z77 Extreme4, so i used washers on the blackplate, i used arctic MX-4 (a small pea sized in middle), i've cleaned my cpu and h80i everytime after an reinstall with arcticlean solution or with isopropyl alcohol ( tried both ), tightened the screws of the H80i as hard as i can, moved the 3pin of the pump , etc.


Anyway, i don't know exactly what more info i can give but as a sum up, on my non-oc i7 3770k i have idle temps from 55-65C, if i start gaming or start loading the cpu the temp will go up to around 85-95C, if i start a prime95 it can reach 100C, i've put the stock coolers from H80i to quiet mode so i can hear the pump, tbh i didn't really hear anything, but i've touched the tubes and lets say i felt some vibrations so i guess the water is passing but, one tube is cold and the other is hot. I use a push/pull setup ( pulling air from inside/ pushing air outside of case) and the air that comes out of the case is ... kinda really cold. As the ambient temp, is around 23C. And btw, my coolant temp ( H80i Temp 1 in corsair link) it's around 50-56C.


So yeah, can you guys pls help me with this. What can i do to try to fix it ? I feel like i tried everythng and nothing it's working.


Thank you in advance for your time and help.



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The pump is at 2290 and i already layed the case on the side, i saw no improvement in temps.




I don't understand what you mean by taking out the pump and run it. You mean removing it from the back of the case and turn on pc and try shaking it slowly ?


Thanks for your help guys.

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So, i did the paperclip method with the psu and H80i, and my temps idd dropped now to 32-34C idle and with prime95 up to 80C and this is non-OC.


So it was after all some bubbles of air but, aren't the temps a little high ? While i had the basic TIM from H80i i never passed 72C on full load even OC-ed to 4.4 and on idle it was around 28C. Now after fresh setup and new MX-4 on the cpu, i run a little bit higher . Should i wait few days for the mx-4 to kick in ? I know mx-4 needs around 2h to 8h for a good conduit, but those hours passed, so ... did i miss something ?


And ofc, thanks for your help guys.

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Let it run for a few days and then check. The idle is fine but I agree the load is a little high. I don't think you missed anything, as long as you have good air flow in your case it shouldn't be that high. I also will assume that the H80i isn't clogged up with dust between the fans right? May seem like a silly question but figured I'd ask.
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I do have a good air flow in my case and i've cleaned before all this my case including the H80i :) , but right now i have the side case open and my room temp is around 23C. I OCed my cpu back to 4.4 and on prime95, the temps go past 100C ( idle are around the same as non-oc) Oo.


Something is wrong for sure... maybe i failed with the TIM or mounting, but after many reinstalls, i always checked the TIM print on the CPU and it was always looking good. Any advice ?

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Sounds like you know whats up with installing the cooler without an issue. You can try to remount it with a small amount of TIM but at this point I'd look into an RMA, you shouldn't be getting these temps. It's possible the pump just isn't moving enough coolant.


On the plus side Corsair's rma process is really great and generally sets them apart from other parts manufacturers. Good luck.

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After some more tests, i get this temps :



Idle - 32-35C

Prime95 - 100C

Intel XTU - 90C

Gaming 65-70C


OC 4.4


Idle 42-45C

Prime95 105C

Intel XTU 94C

Gaming - 70-78C


So i guess, the temps are okish in idle for both cases but when i go to 100% they just explode in both cases. I never had this temps before this incident with the H80i. I guess i will RMA because for sure something happened, and i even used mx-4 compared to stock TIM.


Thank you for your help guys.

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