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780T Top Radiator Fittment


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I plan on downsizing and updating my current 900D build into a 780T. I would like to fit a 240 rad in the bottom and a 360 in the top with a single set of fans on the outside of the case under the mesh filter. My issue is that I still use optical disc drives for achiving purposes, two to be exact. So I essentially need both bays for ODDs.


Will a 40MM thick radiator fit in the top with both ODD bays being occupied?


If anyone has any info on this issue it would be greatly appreciated!

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If you Really want to be sure:

You need your top mounted RAD length & total thickness, and someone in the forum that has a 780T case who can get you the length to the drive bay and how much room on top of the drive cage to the ceiling.


I was gathering info prior to buying this case and bought a 760T instead.

I save All my info gathering:

Corsair Specs:

Radiator Mount Locations

Front: 240/280/360mm

Top: 240/280/360mm

Rear: 120/140mm

Bottom: 240mm


Several Reviewer Build opinions:

1) The top section of the 780T roof (right beneath the filter) can host a single row of fans, while beneath it there is room for a slimline radiator with another row of fans for push-pull, or a thick radiator by itself.

You can also use 240 mm radiators here without worrying about conflict with any optical drives.

You actually can install a 360 mm radiator in the top without losing access to both 5.25" drive bays, as long as you have a "Slim Variant" type.


2) The 780T can have four radiators at a time. The top of the chassis supports either 280/360 mm radiator while either 240/280 mm or 280 mm radiator can be installed in the front of the case.

You can also mount a 120mm or 140mm radiator in the exhaust fan location over the CPU socket area and a 240mm radiator in the base of the chassis.


3) The three 120mm and two 140mm mounting locations in the top of the case can be used with the following all-in-one coolers: Antec KUHLER H2O 620, Antec KUHLER H2O 920, Corsair Hydro H50, Corsair Hydro H75, Corsair Hydro H80, Corsair Hydro H90, Silverstone TD03 and NZXT Kraken X40.


4) There's no way of using both the front and bottom radiator mounts without losing all of the 3.5-inch bays


Hope this helps some.

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To be more specific, the radiator that I want to use is an XSPC AX360. The specifications list the radiator as having measurements of 128mm (Wide) x 40mm (Thick) x 406mm Long. It also lists the thickness as being 46mm at ports but since I will be placing the ports toward the rear this is not an issue.


If anyone that has this case already in their possession could be so kind and measure the clearance to the underside of the roof with an optical drive in the uppermost bay it would be greatly appreciated!


Also, thanks Protocol48, I have been reading reviews non-stop and have seen the points you mentioned, but none of them specify whether or not those measurements were with optical drives being taken into account or how slim the "slim variant" needed to be... hence my issue...

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i think i can help you here...


i'm in the process of putting a 360mm rad in the top of a 780t case


1. fans just under the top grill have to be 25mm thick or less

2. only slimmer 360mm rads mounted directly to the interior of the case top have a chance of not blocking the uppermost 5.25" bay, i.e. ~30mm thickness

3. any push/pull fan configuration with the slimmest of rads will block your uppermost 5.25" bay

4. all end tanks (side w/ ports) on a 360mm rad will have to be aligned to the rear

5. you have 90mm of clearance between the top rad mounting and the uppermost mobo posts


here are some images:




push/pull w/ 6 corsair sp120 - rad (slim) type is unknown

installer stated that literally 50% of upper bay is blocked




push/pull w/ 6 corsair sp120 - rad is 397mm in length and 29.7mm thick

installer stated that part of upper bay is definitely blocked

rad: http://hardwarelabs.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=27&Itemid=21


a better angle of the latter:



i hope this helps - if it's any consolation, i'm in the same boat -- considering putting 240mm rads at front, bottom and top...would go 280mm, but the sp / pwm fans generally suck at 140mm


also, the 780t can fit a 360mm rad in the front...*but* its total length (including end tanks) must be less than 398mm to line up with front panel holes *and* it must be installed with the ports at the top *and* if it's not a slimmer form factor (only 2 ports), you must deduct the length of your topmost port caps from that 398mm


so...to answer your question succinctly, the only way to get your 360mm rad up there and not block the 5.25" bay(s) is to get one of about 30mm thickness and only have push *or* pull fans installed under the grill at the top

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Thanks @theMoP. You and another fella on another forum have verified that my wishes of putting a 360 up top aren't gonna be happening. Instead I'm just going to rock two 240 rads; one up top in P/P and another horizontally in the bottom in P/P since I also require the use of both drive cages. I plan to just suspend them from the underside of the ODD bays and secure them somehow, probably with a custom bracket of some sort.... If only this case were like 20mm taller... It'd be perfect!
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sorry to dash your hopes - i really want(ed) a 360 up top...i still might with a 30mm thick and just drop the 1 push fan that interferes with the top bay - still pondering and grumbling - lol


keep in mind that your bottom 240mm will have the ports facing the rear...might be an issue if you have an especially long psu - also, if you have a thicker rad...you might have a "de-aeration" port right at the bottom-front of your case - a bit of case modding and you'd have an excellent drain port


in this pic you can see where the bottom two 120s fit exactly:




best of luck to you =)

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