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Corsair H105 Standoffs stuck in backplate


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I saw a similar thread to this one after doing some searching, but that thread didn't help me sort out this problem.


Pretty much what happened was when I first installed the cooler, a few of the standoffs stripped and the thumbscrews wouldn't go on. I then removed the pump and three of the standoffs are stuck to the backplate.


I tried using pliers to hold the backplate while I use a hex socket screwdriver head on it. I even tried sticking the lga 1366 screws in the back of the backplate then using pliers to hold it while using the hex socket on the front standoff. Nothing works--the standoffs just continue to spin on the backplate.




I contacted Corsair and they sent me a replacement bracket kit no problem, in which I'm very grateful for.


Just kind of desperate now and not sure how I'm going to deal with this problem before the replacement kit gets here. Really want to avoid having to take the mobo in to get this sorted.


Any ideas how I can remove them?

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