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K70 RGB Audio Drivers/Amount of Drivers


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First my setup - I use HDMI and the Nvidia HD Audio drivers to send audio to a SONY 7.2 channel receiver.


I have now noticed that my receiver will not receive an audio stream until the CUE software is started. (which is also needed to start the keyboard) I believe this may be due to the multimedia controls on the keyboard but I can't be sure. It sounds small but can be a pretty big inconvenience at times. Is there a fix for this?


I also noticed there are a large number devices installed in my Device Manager. I only have the new K70 and M65 plugged in and my Human Interface Devices has 16 entries, Keyboards has 4 and Mice has 4. Is this normal?


Another note: My audio and network drivers used to load instantaneously with Windows but now both take about 5-10 seconds after Windows logs in. The audio may be because of the multimedia on the keyboard but the network seems very odd.



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