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Replacing a broken H100i.


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Hi all.


Recently it became pretty obvious that my H100i cooler was busted. The pump is likely on it's way out, and it needs to be replaced.


When it comes to installing the H100i, I got through the process the first time just fine. But I have a few questions about what steps I should take to replace an existing unit.


1.) Should I be able to simply unplug and unscrew the cooling block of the old H100i, remove the radiator, and then replace it with the new unit? Do I need to concern myself with replacing the backplate and mounting bracket? Can I leave the backplate and mounting bracket that I was using previously? I'm essentially super concerned about removing the motherboard from the case, and if I can avoid doing that, I'll feel much more confident about this operation.


2.) What's the best way to clean off the TIM left behind from the old H100i? Should any special considerations be taken before I put the new H100i in place?


3.) Are there any steps in general that one might not be aware of to help with reinstallation of an H100i?


This process makes me super nervous, so any assistance which might be provided would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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