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750D Front Removable panel not flush


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Hi guys,


Is this normal, from every picture I have seen of this case everything is flush, and I even saw a 350D in person and it looks like the pictures.


I am on my second exchange of this case from my retailer, the first one had a mis-shaped drive cage and the front face was not flush. Now I got the replacement and it has the same thing with the front face. Basically looks like it the edge is budging out a bit from the center.


The budge is slight but it does ruin the aesthetics of the case when viewing it for me and that was one of the reasons I got this case.


Here is a picture from top down so you can see it. Is this normal or am I just unlucky and had the exact same problem twice?





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No offence taken. Yup this is not the problem. As I said this is my second case....they both came out of the box like this and as we know the filter is taped shut behind the panel fresh out of the box.


The front panel was like this from the get go in both cases and I did double check.

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