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I'm posting this as a counterpoint to my AX1200i complaint thread.


While I may have been unlucky with that PSU, I'm glad to say that all my other Corsair purchases for years have been flawless, as well as the Corsair products I got friends and family to buy.


Off the top of my head, some of the products I can remember buying are:


- HX850 v1 PSU I bought in 2009 which is still going strong to this day in my main rig. This is what I'd intended replacing with the AX1200i due to this flawless performance

- CX600 PSU

- Various Vengeance memory modules (low and high profile)

- Flash Voyager GT 16GB along with a couple of other Corsair USB memory sticks


Therefore, a problem with just one product isn't going to put me off the brand.


Now, if Corsair would just start making NVIDIA graphics cards I'd buy those too.

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