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Weirdness from Newegg for the RGB with MX Blue


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Hey guys I placed a preorder for the RGB with the MX Blues the day it was announced on Newegg yet nothing has been shipped and it's release day. I checked out the page again and it is now listed as out of stock until 12-31-14. I have not been charged. I'm talking to a Newegg rep now and she's claiming that the keyboard release date has been pushed back to 12-31-14 and to check back later. Anyone else had this happen to them?
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Must mean they are 100% out of stock for Pre Orders , because no one has gotten their Cherry MX Blue RGB Keyboards shipped yet. I asked Newegg Supp and they said that no pre orders have been filed and that the date has been delayed.


I guess delayed on their end? somehow?:eek:

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I as well. The lady I'm talking to sounds massively confused especially since I see the product as in stock and available for order on Amazon.com can I include the Newegg link for the keyboard here?


Sure, link away. Corsair reps don't recommend any one retailer over another and share links but you are welcome to.

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Well my conversation with the rep has just ended. She was very pleasant but claimed the item was never in stock and is now sold out. She said there may be an off chance that it will be processed in the next day or two but if not I may have to wait till the dreaded 12-31-14 ETA or whatever it might be. All in all it was lots of waiting and saying that they had no idea what was going on.
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I would go with Amazon over Newegg. If you have any problems with the product Amazon will cover return shipping, plus it's 10x easier to get a hold of Amazon customer service. Newegg will stick you with paying to return defective product.


I try to avoid Newegg due to the poor customer service i received last holiday shopping season. I gave up waiting to chat with newegg customer service agent after 1hr & 30mins of waiting. Sent an email which they say "we will reply within 24hrs". It took them over 4days to reply and they still didn't care that my package was missing.


Amazon Prime > Newegg Premier

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Give it a day, this does not sound right. Typically, Newegg and other eTailers will put some far out date on an out of stock item. I'm not aware of any date changes like this on our end.


It's definitely refreshing to hear it's not something on your end. First Amazon did that whole thing with removing the listing of the red switch rgb k70's when they were just out of stock which confused so many people, now Newegg doing this and confusing and frustrating everyone all over again. Talk about a rocky release (I don't blame you guys), but at least you guys over at Corsair can see it as a compliment, if people didn't care they wouldn't get all upset :P


If I see an update on my pre-order with the blue switches tomorrow I will be very happy :biggrin: Can you guys track your shipments to retailers to see if they should have them yet?

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Here is what I just got out of the rep. She claims she isn't able to see what is or isn't in stock. At this point I think reps are literally blowing smoke out their *** lol.


Christopher: I would like to ask a few questions about the K95 RGB Cherry MX Blues to clear the air. Many people have contacted support to see what is going on and we have gotten a lot of varying answers.


Agent Sally W.: Hi Christopher. Thank you for providing me with that information. I will be more than happy to assist you. May I please know your questions?


Customer Christopher: The pre-order came online on the 22nd and a lot of people pre-ordered between then and later on on the 23rd before pre-orders have went down. The product was set to release on the 24th and it has not shipped for many of us (we actually have had 0 people confirm theirs has shipped). Some of the support people have told us they never got them in stock yet, some people have said they already shipped out what they've gotten in stock, and some have said they have no idea what is going on.


Customer Christopher: So question 1. Were the keyboards ever actually received at the Newegg warehouse?


Customer Christopher: And question 2. Have any of the pre-orders for the K95 RGB Cherry MX Blue actually been honored at this point?


Agent Sally W.: Thank you for that information. Please kindly note that all preorders will be transferred into normal order after it is released and then take 1-2 business days to ship out. The preorders will be processed according to rule "first come, first serve". Your preorder # ******* will be processed once the item is in stock. So your order is not processed because there are a lot of preorders before you. Second, we are not sure if there are preorders that are shipped.


Agent Sally W.: But some should be processed.


Customer Christopher: Can you contact another department and confirm answers to either of those questions?


Agent Sally W.: I could not offer you the accurate answers since we did not receive related updates now.


Agent Sally W.: I am sorry but we do not have that contact info.


Customer Christopher: Do you have a way of seeing what time the item started being available for pre-order? Are you able to see how many people pre-ordered the item.


Customer Christopher: Can you look at the first person who pre-ordered it and see if theirs has switched over to order status?


Agent Sally W.: I am sorry but I could see how many orders are placed and we have no access to this info.


Agent Sally W.: I am sorry.


Customer Christopher: Basically at this point as a group we feel cheated by Newegg because we were able to pre-order the product only to have it not be available. We understand that sometimes it takes some time to process items over but since so many of us have had representatives state that the items they received have all been shipped out and we are out of luck we are looking for some answers. If this is the case Newegg should have sent out emails letting people know what is going on. The website should not have allowed people to continue pre-ordering if they were not going to have enough units to cover the pre-orders.


Customer Christopher: Is there any possible way I could contact another department or a higher tier of customer service that may be able to shed more light on the situation?


Agent Sally W.: Christopher, I understand your confusion and frustration. But we do not receive the updated info up to now. I am not sure what is going on. I suggest you check it back a few days later. We may receive the updated email then.


Agent Sally W.: For now, I show that this item has ETA in December.


Customer Christopher: Which likely is just a placeholder, and I fully understand that. Is there any way I could contact somebody higher up the chain that may have more information on the situation?


Agent Sally W.: No, to be honest, I do now whom I will direct you. So I suggest you wait for another days. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Customer Christopher: Alright, thank you for attempting to help out.


Agent Sally W.: You are very welcome. Also, thank you so much for your kind understanding.


Customer Christopher: Have a wonderful day!

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Really seems that way. One of the Corsair guys actually stated that Newegg has received their shipment of K70 keyboards and considering that there is a concrete release date and Corsair has not mentioned a delay I think it's on Newegg's side this time. As I said earlier I saw it available on Amazon so that means something's up with Newegg.
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