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K70 RGB Layout is wrong


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The physical layout of my K70 is fine (wide shift and enter keys) but the software shows a different kb layout with extra keys and a tall enter key and I cannot get my forward slash/pipe key to light up since it's not shown in the software. I tried different regions in the settings but no change to the layout. The only US option I have is "US International" which I don't believe is correct.

I uninstalled & re-installed the software, but no change.


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I'm in Canada - Maybe my software dl was incorrectly thought of as int'l.

When I go for software, page is \ca-en.

Firmware is 1.12.

I cannot see "US North America". Only the US Int'l and about 12 others.


Sep.30 update: The download site for Canada must have been updated. I installed the new version (same version number and date tho) and now I can see North America and my physical kb now matches the software map.

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