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h100i detected but won't change fan speed


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I've got a new computer I've been trying to get set up but I've been having problems getting the fans running at a reasonable rpm. At first the Corsair link wouldn't detect the h100i, and I got that recognized after using the windows 8 registry tweak mentioned in another thread.


Now I can see the 2 fans and the hydro pump, but changing the rpm's of the fans isn't working properly. On default they run over 2000 rpm, and if I change to quiet mode they drop to about 1832 rpm, but thats as low as I can get them to go. If I try using manual settings or making a custom curve all they do is speed back up, even if I set the rpm's or % as low as they can go.


I'd really like to quiet these fans down since the system is running cool all the time. I barely see any change in the hydro temp even when running more demanding applications. Is there something I'm missing in the setup process?

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I've got h100i fans 1 & 2, the h100i pump and h100i LED in the group.

I just switched to the other fan port. That caused fans 3 & 4 to blink red, and activated fans 1 & 2. Quiet mode now drops them to 1804, but that's still too fast.

Not sure what you mean by FW?

version 2.7.5339

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