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H100i detected but fans NOT detected?


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Hi guys, I have recently set up my H100i and when I open the Corsair Link software I can see the various fans for my MOBO but no H100i fans?


I'm pretty sure I have connected the fans correctly:

2 fans into the y connector which goes into the head of the pump. The 3 pin head from the pump then goes into the main CPU fan slot on my motherboard.


It's a strange issue as when I go into 'Options' on the Link software I can clearly see the 'Corsair Hydro H100i USB' is detected. Firmware version is 1.0.7.


Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?


My specs are:

i7 3820

Sabertooth x79


I have a few other hardware monitors installed on my computer too.


Thanks in advance.

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Did you also use the enclosed USB cable and connect the H100i into a MB USB 2.0 header? That is the data link.

If you did, then in "Options", "Devices", you should also see the "Corsair H100i" device below the "Corsair Hydro H100i USB" device. The "Corsair H100i" device will display how many connected fans, available LED channels, connected pump(s) and detected temp sensors (see attached picture)

If you do not have that device listed, you will not see your fans.

The one easy fix I have used for the Commander Mini as well as the H100i is to

unplug in this case the H100i USB 2.0 plug, then reboot. After boot, plug the USB 2.0 back in, and reboot again. This forces a new read of the USB port.

If that does not work, try a different MB USB 2.0 header.

You should search the forum for "H100i" and you will get several other easy to technical fixes.


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