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Is this psu weak orfailing?


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i bought an ax1200i for my 3 antminers s3's


when hooked up i use a plug in watt meter, it reads 1150watts and 90 amps


the psu red lights


was wondering if this is notmal


also have an ax860i measuring 870watts and 7 amps and does not trip


so for my ax1200i is it faulty or what any thoughts?

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NO, it boots up on 2 antminers (750 watts and 7 amps) fund fine for days no red lighting at all. But as soon as i plug that third antminer on (1150 watts and 9.9 amps) red lights


also just bought an ax1500i psu and it does the same thing on 3 antminers, so it can't be the psu's

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Ok. You're still within the capability of the PSU. Those readings are at the wall, so they're AC. The PSU is rated at DC.


So the next question is going to be: How do you have the DC cables from the PSU hooked up to the antminers? (power distribution, connector type... those sorts of things).

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